Therisso Gorge

The Gorge of Therisso (named also Eleftherios Venizelos) is located near the city of Chania. You can go there by car. The main gorge is six kilometers long. The vertical cliffs are impressive and the lush vegetation has nothing to envy of the other Chania Gorges. The place deserves a visit, even with a vehicle, cobined with a visit in the historical beautiful village of Therisso, that is built at the foot of the White Mountains at an altitude of 580 meters, just 15 kilometers from the city of Chania. A visit here is something that will remain unforgettable to every visitor.

theriso gorge
theriso gorge

The known-heroic Theriso village belongs to the province Kydonia and has more than 100 residents. The place played a crucial role in the modern history of Crete since the residents have not stopped fighting to the Turks, who repeatedly tried to break the resistance of this strong position. In 1866 the Theriso was burned by Mustapha Pasha Naili and many people- including the mother of of the later prime minister of Greece, Eleftherios Venizelos, moved in Kythera and the Peloponnese. The historic village acquired greater importance during the events of 1905, when Eleftherios Venizelos and his followers declared from here the revolution against the autocratic regime of Prince George-who were was imposed by the Great Powers- paving the of Crete with Greece. Brothers Halides, heroes of 1821, come also from Theriso.

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